Cochrane Memorandum List of Witnesses


Cochrane Memorandum List of Witnesses

Transvaal Archives, Pretoria CS1092 letterbook II pp. 63-65 

The fifteen men who signed Cochrane's letter are highlighted in red. As you can see they are all are safely located in either Pietersburg or Pretoria, contrary to the claims of some recent authors.

List of Incriminated Persons

Major Lennehan B.V.C.

Capt. Taylor

Ex-Capt. Robertson B.V.C.

Lt Hancock B.V.C.

Lt Morant B.V.C.

Lt Witton B.V.C.

Lt Hannam B.V.C.

Lt Picton B.V.C.


S.S. Morrison - Address unknown

Sergt Must - Address unknown

Sergt Oldham - Pietersburg

Trooper Eden - Address unknown

Trooper E. Brown - Address unknown

Trooper Heath - Address unknown

Trooper Dale - Address unknown

Corpl Primrose - Pietersburg

Trooper Arnold - Pietersburg

Corpl Brown(e) - Pretoria

Trooper Penn - Pietersburg

Q.M.S. Venables - Pietersburg

Trooper Petrie - Splelonken

Trooper Gill - Pietersburg

S.S.M. Hammett - Spelonken

S.S.M. Clark - Pietersburg

Sergt Wrench - Pietersburg

Corpl McCormick - Pietersburg

Trooper Christie - Pietersburg

Corpl Sharpe - Spelonken

Corpl Torquis - Durban

Trooper A. Thomson - Pietersburg

Trooper Duckett - Pietersburg

Trooper Lucas - Pietersburg

Trooper Skelton - Pietersburg

Trooper Phillips - Pietersburg

Trooper Wrangham - Pietersburg

Trooper Benadie - Pietersburg

Trooper Hatfield - Pietersburg

Trooper Hampton - Pietersburg

R.Q.M.S. Ross - Pietersburg

Trooper Bonnie - Spelonken

Corpl McMahon - Spelonken

Trooper Hodds - Pietersburg

Trooper Botha - Pretoria

Corpl Gibbons - Spelonken

Sergt Robinson - Spelonken

Sergt Rogers - Spelonken

Sergt Baker - Spelonken

Trooper Piper - Pietersburg

Trooper Barrie - Spelonken

Trooper Sheridan - Pietersburg

Trooper Stratton - Pietersburg

Trooper Cox - Pietersburg

Trooper van Westhuizen - Pietersburg

Trooper Silke - Pietersburg

Civilian Witnesses

Mr. Bristowe, farmer, storekeeper, Spelonken

Dr Leimes, Spelonken Hospital

Mr Hayes, storekeeper Spelonken

Mrs Cooksley, Spelonken or Pietersburg

Mr. Petringh, farmer storekeeper

Mr Von Seker, storekeeper Spelonken

Mr Pritchard, storekeeper

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